Aesop rue Saint-Honoré Paris

Text by Aesop.

The shop Aesop rue Saint-Honoré is located in an eighteenth century building in the heart of the historic district of Paris, near the Royal Palace.

The interior architecture was designed by Rodney Eggleston (March Studio, Melbourne), Eggleston reflected on the materials that he thought were the most emblematic of Paris.

“We first considered using plaster, but we were quickly intrigued by the parquet floors that are found everywhere in Paris,” he says. ‘We started from the idea of using a single material for all the space. We have therefore devised a completely cut-out wood layout that completely covers the floor, walls and ceiling and creates a warm and homogeneous atmosphere. ‘

The wood chosen for the shop is the Victoria ash, from Australian renewable forests. About 3500 pieces of wood were carved and hand-cut in a workshop located in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, before being carefully numbered, stored in a container and shipped to Paris by boat.



March Studio, Melbourne